Aim: to support, develop and promote psychological research in stroke.
  1. to provide a network of researchers who are able to communicate to the mutual benefit of their psychological studies with reference to stroke
  2. to provide a forum at which ideas for psychological research into stroke, whatever their stage of development, may be considered in order to improve the quality of research proposals, grant applications and the final research delivered.
  3. to provide a vehicle for early dissemination of findings in relation to psychological research into stroke in order to improve subsequent reporting, both via formal conference and peer review publication.
  4. to lobby for research funds to be made available for psychological research into stroke both directly via OPSYRIS but also via different bodies whose membership is reflected in those that are members of OPSYRIS, e.g. BPS, RCN
  5. to raise awareness of psychological factors in clinical stroke services and support evidence based practice in the application of psychological knowledge to stroke.
  6. to consult and teach about psychological research and psychological aspects of researching in stroke.