The idea for OPSYRIS was conceived after a meeting held at Birmingham University in 2002 to launch the British Psychological Society Division of Neuropsychology/Division of Clinical Psychology guidance on stroke services. After the meeting, which had focussed largely on service issues, a group formed to consider knowledge about psychological factors in stroke and how they could be developed and enhanced, and the range of psychological approaches available for stroke survivors and carers expanded. It was felt that the establishment of a psychologists’ stroke research group would encourage psychological research into stroke and achieve our aspirations. The first meeting was held in Nottingham in 2002 and attended by 12 people. Eighteen meetings later, held in 16 different UK cities, we are delighted to have witnessed our numbers increase to over 250-strong. At inception, the OPSYRIS membership and remit had an exclusive focus on the disciplines of clinical and neuropsychology. As the importance and visibility of post stroke psychological problems has grown, it was important that OPSYRIS should grow also. Now the only criterion for being part of the OPSYRIS family is a passion for improving the psychological effects of stroke.